Vancie Jane Cubelo

Meet Everyone’s Mom at McDonald’s

Read up on Vancie Cubelo and her incredible story of juggling work, school, and her role as a mom. 


Vancie Cubelo became a single mom at a young age. Determined to finish her studies while supporting her newborn child, she decided to work for McDonald’s KCC Mall in General Santos City. As a mom, student, and part-time crew member, she knew she had many roles to fulfill and wanted to be self-reliant.   

What seemed like an impossible goal of graduating while making time for her family and working became more than just attainable because of her positive, can-do attitude. She stayed resilient and headstrong despite her grueling schedule and responsibilities. McDonald’s taught her that anything is possible if she could just learn how to set a balance among all her priorities.   

After 6 months of working, Vancie was promoted to become a Local Store Marketing (LSM) Representative. It was through this job that she became more understanding of the needs of the customer, children in particular. She wanted to make every child spending their birthday feel extra special, and she did all she could to do just that.   

Through her achievements and the manner by which she successfully overcame all the challenges life gave her, Vancie became even more goal-oriented. It was all while she was studying, working, and making an effort to spend time with her family that she found a sense of purpose.   

Currently, she is still working as an LSM Representative, but is currently training for a Manager Trainee position, and is set to take on that promotion later this year. Looking back, she credits all her success to how McDonald’s taught her to manage responsibility and trials.