Kim Concepcion

The Athletic McDonald’s Real Estate Officer

Read up on Kim Concepcion’s drive for success at McDonald’s and at the archery range.


Kim Concepcion has always been a straight shooter both as an athlete and at work. Her excellence lands the best locations for future McDonald’s stores and hits the bullseye at the archery range. 

It was McDonald’s that taught her to develop a kind of drive and focus that never settles for less than achieving all her goals. 

She started in McDonald’s as a Junior Real Estate Officer in 2016 and was promoted to Senior Real Estate Officer in 2019. Her job is to look for sites that are to become future McDonald’s stores. The work that she does is very crucial as it can define how the business will grow in a specific location. Kim would assess a store’s potential according to its foot traffic, target market, and room for expansion. After opening several McDonald’s stores that have performed well financially and have become and an integral part of communities, she was recognized as 2016 rookie of the year and 2017 employee of the year throughout the whole company. 

With tight timelines and high risk business targets, she initially feared she wouldn’t be able to deliver what was asked of her. Each project she took on would be a continious cycle of acquiring sites, reviewing contracts, managing landlords, presenting to her bosses, and then building the stores. She did all of this alongside another passion --- archery. 

Her life as an athlete is similar in the way that it can also be full of challenges, but just like at work, it only makes Kim want to try harder. In 2017, she participated in the South East Asian Games as an archer for the Philippine team. She didn’t think McDonald’s would allow her to compete and leave work for a long time, so she made the difficult decision to file a resignation, knowing how rare an opportunity it was to represent the country. She was surprised to find out that McDonald’s was more than supportive of her competing and granted her a leave instead.

At present, Kim still works to better herself every day, aiming higher for both her ambitions and targets. She believes that there’s always room for growth especially when you’re striving for greatness.