Jojo Tagbo

The McDonald’s super crew member who became president of a supermarket chain

Learn the story of how Jojo Tagbo went from being a working student to the President of Savemore Market.


Jojo Tagbo didn’t have enough money to support his college schooling, but he was committed to work and earn his degree. He knew that the only way he could graduate was if he had a scholarship and worked as a McDonald’s crew member. It was extremely difficult for him, having to balance school and work, but he didn’t give up and pushed himself harder.

He started as a part-time McDonald’s crew member in 1990, working the dining area. His first learning on the job was to take initiative and do more than what was expected of him. He had classes after his shift, so Jojo would often rush off to school still in his McDonald’s uniform to save time. His classmates would tease him by asking “Asan na order namin?”, but he did not mind them and kept focused on his goals.

At work, Jojo wanted to be be transferred to the kitchen. An opportunity came when there was a big work event that ended late. He came in extra early the next day, anticipating that others would be absent. True enough, the kitchen was short-staffed and for the first time, his manager assigned him to help out in the kitchen. From that day on, Jojo started doing regular kitchen work and did really well. He realized that taking the initiative and staying his determined helped him achieve his goal, so he stayed the same way ever since.

Jojo credits his success to the the values he learned as a McDonald’s crew. Determination, hard work and going the extra mile took him all the way to his current job: the President of Savemore Market. Now, he hopes to imbibe the same values to his people through his own management style.

Jojo keeps everyone motivated to work hard by giving them recognition when he thinks it’s well deserved. He would also treat the janitors to lunch every Monday and have conversations with them so they could start their week positively. To him, being grounded and maintaining a good working relationship with his employees is a constant reminder of where he was and where life has taken him and what else he’ll achieve.