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The McDonald's Experience

"We're not in the food industry, we're in people industry. We just happen to sell hamburgers."

- Ray Kroc, McDonald's founder


Food and moments aren’t just what make McDonald’s part of the lives of billions of people all over the world. It is also known for providing career opportunities to its employees.

In the Philippines, McDonald’s employs more than 40,000 Filipinos from all over the country – with each treated as our most valuable resource.

Qualified candidates get to experience, how we work together to be the favorite place for customers to enjoy quality products, excellent services, and a welcoming restaurant environment every day.

McDonald’s commitment to our employees can be summed-up in one statement: We value you, your growth, and your contributions. With this, you will enjoy competitive incentives, support, training, and opportunities to help you deliver the best possible results and advance your career. Learn valuable lifelong skills such as teamwork, communications, problem solving, responsibility, and customer service in a fun and exciting environment.

The McDonald’s Family consists of the restaurant staff with the solid support of the management team, operations group, site development experts, marketing and human capital group. Its unique global infrastructure opens doors for both local and global opportunities. This and more provide an exceptional working environment that makes everyone feel appreciated and valued. 

We are looking for RESTAURANT MARKETING MANAGER TRAINEES (200 full-time positions available)


•  Has a bachelor’s/college degree, preferably in Hospitality/Tourism/Hotel Management, Business Studies/Administration, Mass Communications, Marketing, Commerce or equivalent 4-year course
•  Has excellent communication skills
•  Loves interacting with children
•  No prior work experience required


•  Just send your CV to

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McDonald’s does not require a processing fee when hiring applicants for any position.

Our hiring process includes review of submitted CV through official channels, competency assessment, one-on-one interviews, on the job evaluation and reference checks – all of which do not require any application or processing fee.

If you have questions on how you can be part of our team, send us a message.